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Iphone six

Iphone 6

Apple IWatch
Apple IWatch

Is it a phone? Is it art? Is the status? It’s a gadget? Last Tuesday the 9th september Apple had another coming out day. Because you cannot manage your life with the Iphone as multi-tool any longer nowadays, Apple also came with a new device, namely a smartwatch. This will I guess going to be called IWatch. Samsung already has a ¬†smartwatch so Apple is not really setting a trend. The unique selling point of this gadget is health. With the built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor, blood pressure and other sensors that register the movements of the body, it can give a complete picture of your health and fitness.

Knight Rider
Knight Rider

I cannot do anything about it, but I get a 80’s picture in my head. Then a smartwatch was also used in the context of health, and more specifically in the context of survival. I think health is partly a choice. We cannot control everything because we depend on genetic imperfections. In any case, there is the inevitable planned end of each life. But you can decide yourself whether you eat an Apple every day, or a cooky. Nobody is obligated to smoke. A glass of wine a day is enough. Move a lot or just sit around, these are matters that you more or less control yourself. I can hardly imagine I can be urged by such a watch to show desirable behavior.

It seems that the children who are born now will life for 90 to 100 years. In such a case, I would not look forward to focusing on health. If we keep the same pattern as the current, I foresee reasons to want to terminate prematurely. Suppose you are studying, depending on how the wind blows in your country, to 23rd or 27th scholarship and you may retire around 68. Then you are left with at least 50 years. In those 50 years you need to survive 50 Apple big surprise shows. The Iphone 97 is launched, the camera is again just a little and the processor just slightly faster. Thta’s what you have been waiting for so of course, without further reflection once again you pull 500,-euro from the pocket. Because you do, you should also update your fully Apple integrated household, extending your watch, your tablet, your computer, your tv and your laptop.

Apple is a lifestyle. I have people around me who swear by Apple and dismiss everything else  as inferior, cheap material. Apple proves to have a very well equipped marketing department. And it must be said, a good design club. Too bad that national Dutch pride is less proficient in the Philips soft side, otherwise one of these days we would have the launch of the Video 2029 system. In all events it is clear the Iphone 6 is not my cup of tea. Just give me a trip to the Bahamas, just as healthy.

50 shades of grey

Grey hair

One of the most loathed future images of humans and especially of women. Men with gray hair are sexy and beautiful. Gray hair looks distinguished on men. For women grey hair basically means being discarded into the archive and more or less becoming invisible. That’s why women do everything they can to prevent grey hair. They to cure it or at least try to camouflage.

When you do not have any grey hairs yet, you are usually not concerned with preventing grey hair. Otherwise you would not smoke, ensure that you never had stress and possibly swallow extra vitamin B12. Some are convinced that this, generally completely natural process, can be reversed. That this condition can be naturally cured. If you are still in the early stages pulling out the gray hair might also be another remedy.

Most keep it at camouflage. I myself am here busy with it, but over time begins the sleet to come. Dye your hair is expesnive (Kruidvat) to very costly (Barber) and if you do it yourself a lot of hassle. At one point, the effectiveness of dyeing shockingly decreases. When the first gray hair became visible within a week of the preceding dying, I was done with it.

I now go for all natural. To do this, I did have a period of vagueness through. Although I dyed my hair black, it is part of the hair which still paint residue contained in Brazil to almost orange colored. Now I walk as a kind of pepper, salt and paprika mix through life. A major advantage of this (terrible) natural ageing process, is that the structure of the hair rather unruly, which I now all of a sudden the curls have always desired!

grijs_yasminaIt seems that more and more women, like me, have had it with the old culture image, that women may exhibit no grey hair. Because gray hair is not just part of aging, which I, in any case, with all the power I have in me, would want to avoid. It is also part of what we find not sexy and not nice. And that last picture as we know can and will change. Just now I was using IPL for my armpit hair and have managed to curb, not it is suddenly hip to just let this hair grow.

I would like to call all women in the world to unite and let it show, beautiful grey can glow!